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You specify your preference when you order the unit.  The BibleCourier is loaded with two Bibles from the selection below.

  • (AMPC) Amplified Bible Classic Edition
  • (AMP) Amplified Bible Edition
  • (ASV) American Standard
  • (BBE) Bible in Basic English
  • (CEV) Contemporary English
  • (CPDV) Catholic Public Domain Version
  • (CSB) Christian Standard Bible
  • (EHV) Evangelical Heritage Version
  • (ESV) English Standard
  • (GNB) Good News Bible
  • (HCSB) Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • (ICB) International Children’s Bible
  • (KJV) King James
  • (KJVA) King James with Apocrypha
  • (MSG) The Message Bible
  • (NABRE) New American Bible Revised
  • (NAS1977) New American Standard 1977
  • (NAS1995) New American Standard 1995
  • (NAS2020) New American Standard 2020
  • (NET) New English Translation
  • (NIV1984) New International Version 1984
  • (NIV2011) New International Version 2011
  • (NIRV) New International Readers Version
  • (NJB) New Jerusalem Bible
  • (NKJV) New King James
  • (NLT) New Living Translation
  • (NRSV) New Revised Standard
  • (NRSVCE) New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition
  • (RSV) Revised Standard
  • (RSVA) Revised Standard with Apocrypha
  • (TEV) Today’s English Version
  • (TLB) The Living Bible
  • (TLV) Tree of Life Bible
  • (WEB) World English Bible


Yes. BibleCourier has ten different volume settings. BibleCourier also allows you to change the reading speed, the type of voice used, the pitch of the voice, and many other settings.

No. BibleCourier uses non-volatile memory, meaning that the data doesn’t go away even if the power is off or you remove the batteries. There is no way to “erase” the memory.

Yes. Both have the same number of keys in the same orientation, with the same names.

No. BibleCourier weighs four ounces with the batteries loaded.

BibleCourier is about the size of a cassette tape. The dimensions are 4 inches by 2 inches by .75 inches.

Yes. BibleCourier is delivered with a Talking User Guide and Talking Help. The Talking User Guide is the first “book” loaded in BibleCourier, just before Genesis. Each key on the keypad has Talking Help which tells you what the key does. To activate the Talking Help you simply press and hold down a key until it beeps two times.

Absolutely. You can set an almost unlimited number of bookmarks in each book of the Bible

Yes. BibleCourier lets you jump through the Bible by verse, chapter, and book.

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